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Quick Resource Access

:: Download WaykiChain coind

:: Developer Documentation

WaykiChain Introduction

:: What is WaykiChain

WaykiChain grows out of bitcoin and ethereum technology and has adopted DPOS consensus algorithm for engergy saving and superior performance compared to POW etc. simliar algorithms. WaykiChain not only supports WICC mastercoin value transfer but also supports Turing-Complete Smart Contract capability that enables token issuance and all sorts of value-driven activities. With WaykiChain blockchain technology, ecosystem partners can build the most powerful and trustworthy guessing games, exchanges of digital assets like market pegged assets, user issued assets and many other applications and services only limited by imagination.

:: Where is WaykiChain heading

WaykiChain continues to evolve and break things that don't work. In coming months, WaykiChain will be way stronger in many fronts:

  • ease of development and deployment
  • higher throughput
  • security and robustness

WaykiChain will keep abreast of the latest blockchain technologies and take no hesitation in innovating herself for the long term success of the ecosystem.

:: The team behind WaykiChain

Please feel free to contanct us (coredev at waykichainhk dot com) and provide us with your feedbacks that can make WaykiChain better for ecosystem partners and participants.