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WICC Web Wallet Extensions (Firefox & Chrome supported)
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WaykiMax is a browser extension wallet for WaykiChain.

It allows users to manage their account info, add WRC20 token, check balance, create/import/export mnemonics, transfer WICC and WRC20 token, etc.

More importantly, WaykiMax provides the WiccWallet interface to developers. Developers can integrate WiccWallet when developing DAPP so that they can sign and broadcast WaykiChain transactions. In turn enabling the use of DAPP from within the browser.




How to integrate WiccWallet on Web

如何在Web页面中集成 WiccWallet


Because package wcer limit, need to use the Node.js v8.X for development.

Recommended to use (NVM) ( to switch Node.js version.

After installing Nvm, execute in project root directory:

nvm use

After the switch is completed, install the required package:

npm install

After the installation is completed, execute the following commands to develop:

npm run dev

Execute in the root directory in terminal:

npm run build



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