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Alfred 3 Workflow for D&DBeyond Monsters
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D&DBeyond Workflow for Alfred 3 and 4

You can search monsters on D&DBeyond (ddb).

You don't need to login but you might end up on a monster page you can't see because you didn't buy the source its in.


Demo GIF


Just type ddb goblin and you have a list of D&D monsters and their basic properties.

Pressing Enter on a result leads you to its respective complete statblock on . Should you not own the necessary source book there you will get redirected to the store page.

If you want the german name of the monster, as well as the page you can find it in the german source books, you can type ddb and select the Toggle translate field. A notification will show you the current toggle position. All future searches will have the german monster name in front and the english monster name next to it.


It shouldn't be necessary to manually update, but the framework I used to build this workflow has a meta keyword you can use.

When you type ddb workflow:update it should take a moment while it checks the github releases page# if there is a newer version than what is installed. If yes alfred opens a window and asks if you want to update.


If you have a list of empty entries in Alfred while searching for a monster the cache may be not compatible with the new workflow version. It will probably help if you do a ddb workflow:delcache and try again.


This project uses golang v1.12 and the preliminary version of its version management called modules. To make everything work I use the libraries awgo to interact with alfred and colly to scrape the search results with the monster filter applied.

Also the very nice is from deanishe.

Development workflow is like this:

  1. Make changes
  2. python2
  3. Test changes in Alfred
  4. Repeat

Workflow Screenshot

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