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If you appreciate the work of any of these WazeDev authors, please consider buying them a coffee :)
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Like what we've done?

If you would like to buy any of us a coffee to say "thanks" for any of the work we've done, we would most definitely appreciate it! However, please please please do NOT feel obligated to do so. We do this because we enjoy it, not because we expect any monetary benefit.

Author Projects I've authored or contributed to Where to buy me a coffee, beer, etc.
crazycaveman WME Form Filler, WME Wide-Angle Lens
dBsooner WME URComments-Enhanced, WME GIS Layers, WME Validator Localizations for OK, Waze VEOC Spreadsheets, UR/PUR Reports
jangliss WME QuickHN, WME Place Harmonizer, WME TX DOT Planning, WME Validator, WME Validator Localizations for TX, WME GIS Layers
JustinS83 WME Place Interface Enhancements, Waze Editor Profile Enhancements, WME RA Util, WME BeenThere, WME Open Other Maps, WME Wazebar, WME HN Tool, WazeWrap, Wazeopedia Enhancements, WME Validator, WME Cities Overlay, WME Chat addon, WME Simple Permalink, WME True Segment Length, WME PL Cleaner, Communitybot,
MapOMatic Waze Edit Count Monitor, WME ClickSaver, WME Place Harmonizer, WME GIS Layers, WME US Government Boundaries, WME FC Layer, Waze LiveMap Options, WME State DOT Reports, WazeWrap, Google Link Enhancer (in WMEPIE), MapRaid overlays, WME-to-GIS map linking scripts
Tunisiano187 WME-language-forcer, WMEBR-Filter
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