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- Gateway registration
- Actuators support
- Projects support
- Calibration of sensors online
- Detailled permissions for devices/gateways/projects
- HTTPS activated on all endpoints (,,
- compound data types (e.g. for GPS)
- better ownership of sensors (e.g. display only your sensors in the dashboard)
- sharing of sensors
- sensor visibility (public, private)
- datapoints timestamps can be from device or from Cloud
- faster response time
- download sensor data in CSV format from the dashboard
- domain has been removed from API
- bug fixes
- API complete with auth, domains, sensors, entities, users, socials and notifications
- Dashboard complete: sensors context and data, user management, notifications, map view, gateways
- Keycloak configured with MySQL, providing basic authentication and authorization
- Social module to send messsages on social networks
- Orion module for sensor context data and notifications
- Mongo DB for sensor data
- Test suite
- Waziup javascript library for interacting with the API
- Deployement manifests for Kubernetes and Amazon
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