PHP Application Development Framework.
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Silla.IO - PHP Application Development Framework

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Silla.IO is a lightweight PHP application development framework based on the MVC software architecture pattern. The framework includes CMS Application to provide assistance building custom content management systems.

The code base features Model-View-Controller pattern with additional support for:

  • Configuration Per Environment
  • ORM layer for persistent data management
  • Template rendering engine support for output management
  • URL Routing
  • Base\Entity for consolidation of CRUD operations
  • Mailer API
  • Cache API
  • Session API
  • Crypt API
  • i18n
  • CLI task manager
  • ... any many more

Server Software Requirements

  • Operating System
    • Type: *nix, Windows
  • Web Server
    • Type: Apache, nginx or compatible(PHP built-in web server)
    • Modules: (below are Apache module names. Each of them has equivalent for nginx)
      • mod_rewrite - in order to have custom(pretty) URLs
      • mod_env - in order to easily switch configuration environments
  • PHP
    • Type: Standard (SAPI - Apache Handler or CLI/CGI/FCGI)
    • Version: 5.3.7 (or newer, compatible up to 7.2.x)
    • Configuration:
      • Runtime change enabled via ini_set()
      • Extensions
        • mbstring - Provides multi-byte specific string functions that help dealing with multi-byte encodings.
        • PDO, PDO_mysql, mysqli, SQLite3 (depends on on the configured database adapter)
        • GD - in order to work with media
  • Database
    • Type: MySQL (depends on on the configured database adapter)
    • Version: 5 (or newer, recommended 5.6+)
  • File System
    • Type: Standard file system(all PHP file functions should work as expected)
    • Permissions: Writable directories:
      • /temp
      • /public
  • Package Managers
    • Composer - PHP package manager