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Minna UI

๐Ÿ˜ธ A fast, friendly, and fun web UI kit for everyone.

A UI kit for building things with web technology which aims to be pragmatic, intuitive, and high performance. Simple to use as standalone CSS and web components. Supports advanced use in Svelte or any other JavaScript framework projects too.

็š†, ใฟใ‚“ใช, or minna, is a Japanese adverb and verb meaning all, everyone, or everybody. It embodies the idea that through mindful attention to universal design concepts the framework can work well for everybody; everyone's UI.

NOTE: Minna UI is in early development. Before we reach v1.0.0, minor releases may contain breaking changes.


The Minna UI framework is designed around the types of projects we do at We Are Genki โ€” ecommerce, microsites, and next-gen progressive web apps โ€” but it's flexible so you can build any UI on the web. It aims to strike a balance between easy to use predefined styles, utilities for rapid prototyping, and opinionated but customisable web components.

Under the hood components use the Svelte JavaScript framework so Minna UI is a great match for your Svelte based projects. All components are also available precompiled for easy use in any web project regardless of which framework you use.


  • Mindful attention to universal design principals
  • Simple functional design aesthetic
  • Microinteractions
  • High performance



To see live examples and the docs, visit

Made with Minna UI

Browser compatibility

If you choose to use the CSS Grid Layout options the framework provides, you'll be limited to browsers that support it. Minimum browser versions include:

  • Chrome for Android 61
  • Android browser 56
  • iOS Safari 10.3
  • Chrome 57
  • Firefox 52
  • Safari 10.1
  • Edge 16
  • Opera 46

NOTE: Old browser compatibility via progressive fallback is possible and we'll add examples in the future.




Minna UI is an Apache-2.0 licensed open source project. See LICENCE.

ยฉ 2020 We Are Genki