Display a Google Map in the Silverstripe CMS admin to set latitude and longitude data
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This is a very basic module for getting a Google Map into the Silverstripe CMS.

It provides a map with a draggable pin that, upon being moved, updates latitude and longitude CMS fields.



Simply download a copy of this repo, or add it as a submodule via git, to the root of your SilverStripe installation.

Add the following line to your site's _config.php (with your Google Map key):

define("GOOGLE_MAP_KEY", "your_key");

Don't forget to run dev/build?flush=all

Basic Usage

By default, the module will expect the following situation

  1. There will be fields with the IDs Form_ItemEditForm_Lat and Form_ItemEditForm_Lng (fields with the names Lat and Lng will have these IDs given to them by SilverStripe).

  2. These fields will be in a CMS tab with the ID of Root_Location

You would then simply need to create a GoogleMapField, giving it a name as you would with a SilverStripe field, for example:

public function getCMSFields() {

    $fields = parent::getCMSFields();

    $fields->addFieldsToTab("Root.Location", array(
        // Create hidden latitude field
        // Create hidden longitude field
        // Create Google map field
        GoogleMapField::create("Map", array(

            // Override any default options


    return $fields;


Address geolocation

You can optionally add a text field that allows the user to search for a location. A button is provided for the user to click and update the map.


If your situation isn't the same as above, you can provide any of the following options to suit your setup.

These options can be passed as key => value pairs as the second argument of the GoogleMapField function. These options and their default values are:

$googleMapField = GoogleMapField::create("Map", array(
  "height" => "500px",                          // The height of the map element
  "heading" => "",                              // A heading in a <h4> tag to appear before the map
  "lng_field" => "Form_ItemEditForm_Lng",       // The ID of the longitude input element
  "lat_field" => "Form_ItemEditForm_Lat",       // The ID of the latitude input element
  "tab" => "Root_Location",                     // The ID of the tab that the map is in
  "address_field" => "Address",                 // The ID of the address field (if it exists)
  "map_zoom" => 10,                             // The initial zoom level of the map
  "start_lat" => "51.508515",                   // The initial latitude of the map marker
  "start_lng" => "-0.125487"                    // The initial longitude of the map marker