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This is the continuation of the excellent Mitro password manager under a new brand. For more basic information see our website

We split out the extensions into their own repository (this) for easier development.

Unfortunately the extension builder scripts are all broken in their current form. We have a hacked-together shell script that copies a few files around and then packs the extension which we will release when it's a bit less ugly.

Cloning the repository

We assume that you create a folder passopolis and clone this repository to a subfolder called extensions. This is currently assumend at various places, so it makes sense to follow these steps (pull requests for more flexibility are welcome)

mkdir passopolis
git clone extensions


We use NixOs for building clean packages.



bash <(curl

Activate nix shell

. ~/.nix-profile/etc/profile.d/

(your might want to add this to your profile)

Building & testing the extension


You need the developer edition of Firefox for loading such unsigned extensions.

cd extensions
nix-build nix/build.nix -A firefox-44-extension && cp result/pe.xpi /tmp/pe.xpi

Use addon-debugging "load temporary addon", then hit reload after each rebuild.


cd extensions
nix-build nix/build.nix -A chrome-extension && mkdir -p /tmp/passopolis-chrome && rsync -a result/ /tmp/passopolis-chrome/

Open the path /tmp/passopolis-chrome in chrome after enabling developer options via "open unpacked extension"


We're replacing the Mitro branding with our own Passopolis branding. This makes it easier to understand that the service is still active when searching on the Internet.