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Universal React Apollo App (GraphQL) consuming:!
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Universal React Apollo Example

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An example of the app that shows how to use a modern stack (strong accent on GraphQL!).


  • GraphQL for fetching data! The most awesome part of the project!
  • Universal Rendering (Server Side Rendering)
  • ES6/ES2015 with Babel
  • React data container for the Apollo Client
  • Integrating predictable state container Redux with Apollo
  • Hot reloading using React-Hot-Loader
  • Recompose as a React utility belt for higher order components
  • Development and production bundling by Webpack
  • CSSNext: use of official W3C syntax of the future CSS
  • Transforming styles with JS plugins by PostCSS
  • Wow.js for CSS animations
  • Flexbox for resolving layout fatigue and making the app responsive (open the app in desktop, mobile, whatever...). Doesn't work on IE 9, but it should not be a problem nowadays. See browsers usage.
  • CSS Modules: say goodbye to global scope in CSS and most of conflicts
  • Jest Snapshot Testng, some parts in Enzyme and Sinon
  • Linting both JS and CSS, respectively by: ESLint and Stylelint

Running the app

1. This repository is the frontend for Wordpress GraphQL API Example. You need to run it first, however, you can also set up own endpoints.

2. Install Node/npm

Make sure you have Node.js installed (the app has been tested with Node 5.12.0). You can use npm or yarn for running commands (we prefer yarn, as it is faster).

3. Clone and install dependencies

git clone
cd react-apollo-example
yarn install

4. Build and run the app

Development mode:

yarn run build:dll
yarn run dev

Production mode:

yarn run build
yarn start

5. Running Tests

yarn test

How to Contribute:

Best way to keep up to date is check the issues. We really welcome improvements for all aspects of an app.

  1. Any suggestions/improvements/bugs can be in the form of Pull Requests, or creating an issue.
  2. Coding guidelines: Airbnb's Style Guide
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