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WePower Ethereum smart contracts

Deployment Procedure

Kovan Deployed Contracts

Contracts can be deployed in this order.

  1. MiniMe TokenFactory

  1. WCT2

  1. Investor Wallet Factory

  1. WCT1

  1. WPR

  1. Contribution

  1. Exchanger

  1. Team Token Holder

  1. Future Token Holder


Investor Wallets should be created before the crowdsale is initialized. Once the Contribution is finalized, ownership of the WPR token is transferred to the owner of Contribution contract. The owner should then unpause the WPR token so that the investor wallets can collectTokens after their vesting period is over.

Create Investor Wallets

  • Call changeController on the WCT2 token and change the controller to the address of the Investor Wallet Factory
  • Call createInvestorWallet on the Investor Wallet Factory

Initialize Crowdsale

  • Call setExchanger on the Investor Wallet Factory with the address of the deployed Exchanger contract
  • Call transferOwnership on the WPR token and set the newOwner to the address of the Contribution contract
  • Call initialize on the Contribution contract to start the crowdsale


  • Investor wallets can not collect their tokens until the Contribution has been finalized. The WPR token will be paused, so the owner must unpause the token before the investor wallets will be able to collect tokens.