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Added some more documentation regarding "capthick".

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@@ -55,6 +55,13 @@ Changes in 1.2.x
:class:`~matplotlib.colorbar.ColorbarBase` allows one to control the size of
the triangular minimum and maximum extensions on colorbars.
+* A new keyword *capthick* in :meth:`~matplotlib.pyplot.errorbar` has been
+ added as an intuitive alias to the *markeredgewidth* and *mew* keyword
+ arguments, which indirectly controlled the thickness of the caps on
+ the errorbars. For backwards compatibility, specifying either of the
+ original keyword arguments will override any value provided by
+ *capthick*.
Changes in 1.1.x
@@ -5219,7 +5219,7 @@ def errorbar(self, x, y, yerr=None, xerr=None,
The linewidth of the errorbar lines. If *None*, use the linewidth.
*capsize*: scalar
- The size of the error bar caps in points
+ The length of the error bar caps in points
*capthick*: scalar
An alias kwarg to *markeredgewidth* (a.k.a. - *mew*). This

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