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Weave: Web-based Analysis and Visualization Environment -

Issue Tracker & Wiki:

Developer documentation:

Nightly build:

Components in this repository:

  • WeaveAPI: MPL 2.0, ActionScript interface classes
  • WeaveCore: GPLv3 license, core sessioning framework
  • WeaveData: GPLv3 license, columns related to loading data and other non-UI features.
  • WeaveUI: GPLv3 license, user interface classes
  • WeaveClient: GPLv3 license, Flex client application for visualization environment
  • WeaveAdmin: GPLv3 license, Flex application for admin activities
  • WeaveServices: GPLv3 license, back-end Java webapp for Admin and Data server features
  • GeometryStreamConverter: GPLv3 license, Java library for converting geometries into a streaming format
  • JTDS_SqlServerDriver: LGPL license, Java library for handling connections to Microsoft SQL Server.

The bare minimum you need to build Weave is Flex 3.6A and Java EE. However, we recommend the following setup:

To build the projects on the command line, use the WeaveClient/buildall.xml and WeaveServices/build.xml Ant scripts.

See for detailed linux install instructions.

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