Instructions: Samsung Internet Browser for Gear VR on Android

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VR hardware requirements

Supported input devices

Check this page for more info. Although the Gamepad API is properly supported in the Samsung Internet Browser for Gear VR (as it's based on Chromium's original implementation, not that of the experimental WebVR builds), these are the recommended input devices:

  • Bluetooth Gamepad (Samsung EI-GP20)
    • Analog stick: Scroll web pages and list of tabs.
    • One-dot button: Select.
    • Two-dot button: Go back.
  • Bluetooth Keyboard
  • Bluetooth Mouse (Supported on the Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS and above)
    • Mouse move: Move pointer position of cursor (à la cursors on desktop PCs).
    • Left click: Select.
    • Right click: Go back.

Platform requirements

Gear VR-Compatible mobile phones

Gear VR (and the Samsung Internet Browser for Gear VR) is optimized for and supported only on these Android phones:

PC specs

You may download and run the SteamVR Performance Test to ensure your machine meets the minimum requirements to enjoy VR in the HTC Vive.

You may wish to upgrade your Windows PC manually, order/build a new custom machine, or purchase a prebuilt Vive-ready PC.

Software requirements


  1. Download and launch the latest version of the Samsung Internet Browser from the Oculus Store.
  2. In the URL bar, enter internet://webvr-enable to enable experimental WebVR support (and internet://webvr-disable to disable WebVR).
  3. Go enjoy some WebVR content!

Note: The WebVR implementation in the Samsung Internet Browser for the Gear VR is experimental. Expect performance to improve over time, as work is being done at the moment to significantly reduce current latency.

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