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WebAPIContrib for ASP.NET CORE

netstandard 2.0 Build status

WebAPIContrib.Core is a collection of open source projects, add-ons and extensions to help improve your work with ASP.NET Core and ASP.NET Core MVC.


  • WebApiContrib.Core Nuget
    • GlobalRoutePrefixConvention - IApplicationModelConvention allowing you to set a global route prefix, which is then combined into all actions
    • FromBodyApplicationModelConvention - IApplicationModelConvention allowing you to globally apply body binding source to action parameters. You can also provide predicates to filter on specific controllers, actions or parameters
    • RequiredFromQueryAttribute allowing you to mark specific action parameters as mandatory query strings
    • OverridableFilterProvider - allows you to override filters from higher scope (i.e. global filters) on lower scope (i.e. controller filters)
    • ValidationAttribute - an action filter returning 400 response in case there are any model state errors




A project allowing you to create Razor web pages without any controller/action infrastructure. Just add a Views/MyPage.cshtml and you can now navigate to <server root>/MyPage in the browser. Supports the typical Razor constructs - inline C# code, @inject etc.



If you would like to contribute, feel free to fork the projects or get in touch with the mailing list: or on Slack. Also make sure to look at the contributing guidelines.

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