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WebAssembly Debugging Subgroup Charter

The Debugging Subgroup is a sub-organization of the WebAssembly Community Group of the W3C. As such, it is intended that its charter align with that of the CG. In particular, the sections of the CG charter relating to Community and Business Group Process, Contribution Mechanics, Transparency, and Decision Process also apply to the Subgroup.


The mission of this sugbroup is to provide a forum for pre-standardization collaboration on debugging capabilities for WebAssembly programs.


The Subgroup will consider topics related to debugging, profiling, or static analysis of WebAssembly programs, including:

  • File formats and encodings for WebAssembly debug information e.g. as custom sections in wasm executables or object files,
  • Extensions to the WebAssembly text format for debug information
  • Interaction with browsers or other embedders (e.g. developer tools, debugging, profiling)
  • Interaction with external debuggers and IDEs (VS Code), and debuggers running as wasm-hosted code.
  • Presentation of source, callstack, or debugging information in embedders, debuggers, or IDEs



The Subgroup may produce several kinds of specification-related work output:

  • Extensions or amendments to existing specifications (e.g. Wasm core or web spec, DWARF, EcmaScript)
  • Creation of new specifications in standards bodies or working groups (e.g. Wasm WG, TC39, or future general web-debugging standards working group)
  • Creation of new specifications outside of standards bodies (e.g. similar to the LLVM object file format documentation in Wasm tool conventions)

Non-normative reports

The Subgroup may produce non-normative material such as requirements documents, recommendations, and use cases.


The Subgroup may produce software related to Wasm debugging (either as standalone tooling or integration of debugging related functionality in existing CG software such as Binaryen or WABT). Capabilities may include:

  • Debug info encoding or translation
  • Program instrumentation or analysis
  • Interactive debuggers or profilers
  • Test suites

Amendments to this Charter and Chair Selection

This charter may be amended, and Subgroup Chairs may be selected by vote of the full WebAssembly Community Group.