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Evaluation order of parameters of exports. (#770)

This PR explicitly specifies the order in which ToWebAssemblyValue is called on the parameters of an Exported Function. Additionally it removes the definition of `argTypes`, which is not used at the moment.
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gahaas authored and rossberg committed Aug 19, 2016
1 parent c5f623c commit 72c34aac8f358f31398687751f7676ab83f059d1
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@@ -268,9 +268,8 @@ Exported Functions also have the following data properties:
* the `name` is set to `index` as a Number value
WebAssembly Exported Functions have a `[[Call]](this, argValues)` method defined as:
- * Let `argTypes` be the list of value types defined by the signature of [[FunctionIndex]].
* Let `args` be an empty list of coerced values.
- * For each value type `t` in `argTypes` and value `v` in `argValues`:
+ * For each value `v` in `argValues`, in the order they appear in `argValues`:
* Append [`ToWebAssemblyValue`](#towebassemblyvalue)`(v)` to `args`.
* Let `ret` be the result of calling [`Eval.invoke`](
passing [[Instance]], [[FunctionIndex]], and `args`.

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