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s3ththompson commented Feb 7, 2017 edited

It's time to vote on an official WebAssembly logo!

Please leave a πŸ‘ reaction to vote for your favorite logo(s) from the list below. The logo with the most thumbs up after 2 weeks will be deemed the official WebAssembly logo, pending approval from the author to release the assets with a CC0 license. (Other reactions will not be counted.)

These logos were the top 5 submissions to the logo submission thread #112.

EDIT: Voting has ended.

πŸŽ‰ Congrats to @carlosbaraza with the winning design πŸŽ‰ !

We will be ensuring that the assets are properly documented and licensed in the next few days.

The official WebAssembly logo is:




by @Fogaccio



by @dcodeIO



by @carlosbaraza



by @fstark



by @ratishphilip


Top 5 submissions end here

Good luck to all and thank you to @Fogaccio, @dcodeIO, @carlosbaraza, @fstark, and @ratishphilip for the submissions.

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rauschma commented Feb 7, 2017

I like #3 by @carlosbaraza. One caveat: the abbreviation for JavaScript is JS, but the abbreviation for WebAssembly isn’t WA, it’s wasm. Maybe put β€œwasm” instead of β€œWA” in the box?


the abbreviation for WebAssembly isn’t WA, it’s wasm.

Maybe that's about to change? ;-)

rauschma commented Feb 8, 2017

@kentcdodds Sure, why not. But pronouncing it would be more of a hassle.

kentcdodds commented Feb 8, 2017 edited

True... "double-u a" is a bit of a mouth-full 😞

rauschma commented Feb 8, 2017

Maybe β€œdub-a”

Merlynfry commented Feb 8, 2017 edited

Or, following wasm being pronounced "wah-sum",
should it be "wah"?

arjun024 commented Feb 8, 2017

My vote's for the black part of the design by @carlosbaraza (3rd). No to the blue ones.


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AdrianAntunez commented Feb 8, 2017 edited

From the above, a really like the @carlosbaraza one. It is simply, neat and the detail in the box to emphasise the relation between JS and wasm is a plus!

Turbo87 commented Feb 8, 2017

One caveat: the abbreviation for JavaScript is JS, but the abbreviation for WebAssembly isn’t WA, it’s wasm.

@rauschma looks like that statement is true for all those proposals though πŸ˜‰


Maybe β€œdub-a”



I like @Fogaccio. Looks good on everything and handles a variety of colors

sethlopezme commented Feb 8, 2017 edited

Just to give us an idea of what it would look like with "wasm" in the design by @carlosbaraza (3rd), I threw these examples together. Personally, I think the only one that really works well is the lowercase "wasm" (bottom left), but you lose the play on the angles between the capital W and capital A.



@sethlopezme, I like it. The lowercase version is the only adequate one anyway (I wish people would stop shouting WASM -- it's not an acronym but a contraction).

clivend commented Feb 8, 2017

great job, they're all wonderful anyway


It feels a great honor to beΒ selected as one of the top five. Thank you very much.

Just wanted to say this, my logo contains all the letters ofΒ WASM


May the bestΒ logo win!


#3 well thought out, inspired and creative, yet simple and easy for anyone to understand

link0047 commented Feb 8, 2017

I like #1


It's not necessary to leave comments just to voice your support πŸ˜› let your votes speak for each submission, so you don't accidentally spam peoples notifications


This is the repository to my CC0 licensed logo proposal: https://github.com/carlosbaraza/web-assembly-logo

@s3ththompson I like the approach. I tried to do something similar when I was designing the logo. These are some of my previous attempts, trying to fit wasm in the boxed logo:

previous logo design attempts with full WASM

Some pitfalls:

  • It breaks a bit the relation with the JS boxed logo, as it has more than 2 characters
  • The text is too small to be read properly when the logo displayed small (e.g. favicons, attributions, etc.)

awesome job!


The one by @ratishphilip

paran0a commented Feb 9, 2017 edited

Main thing I dislike about @Fogaccio logo, even thought it looks great, it doesn't tell a story it needs to tell.
It looks like a sport clothing line logo , hip, modern , fresh.
I feel like a wasm logo should portray different kind of ideas and feelings.
The closest I see is @carlosbaraza's logo. Good job !


As I see WebAssembly

toptalo commented Feb 9, 2017

πŸ‘ @ratishphilip


Putting in for #3. It works even without the text, and more things could go inside of that box, such as a library or toolchain product that exploits wasm. So, I don't see the "WA" usage as being problematic.

Having an iconic shape will be very excellent as more and more of software development funnels through wasm as a universal platform.

caiolima commented Feb 9, 2017

It is just me that can't use πŸ‘πŸΎ On post directly?

I vote in the first one.


@caiolima - I cannot (latest iOS)


I vote for #3. Simple clean and a good fit, others are nice too btw!

kwnccc commented Feb 9, 2017

Amazing job with all the logos! #3 though really got me, simple and perfect fit with the rest community's logos.

loslch commented Feb 9, 2017 edited

I like #1 (@Fogaccio) πŸ‘ especially color and shape.

thejameskyle commented Feb 9, 2017 edited

Now we have to do this one.

screen shot 2017-02-09 at 1 46 44 pm

Malm commented Feb 9, 2017

πŸ‘ @carlosbaraza

bobajeff commented Feb 9, 2017

I still think it should either be a pure logomark or the logotype should say "WebAssembly" or "wasm". That or make"WA" ('double-yew ay') the official shorthand and file extension (.wa). Also, not fond of how all of the logos insistence on using all caps.


Please let it be the last one. It would look so cool on my laptop as a sticker. @ratishphilip i hope you win.

yoda commented Feb 10, 2017

but its a little screwy for color blindish


The simple black on white minimal design by @fstark looks great and good on anything.


#3 for me


Just wanted to point out that @Fogaccio's logo reads as VM, if you rotate it 180 degrees, which is kinda fitting.



I like @Fogaccio 's DesignπŸ‘πŸΌ

sshaw commented Feb 11, 2017

Logo 3 only works when the JS logo is included. Otherwise, please no πŸ‘Ž.


I vote for the third because is the only one that is clear and aligned with the rest of the ecosystem.
The first one is also nice but for someone looking at it out of context is can mean anything... it could even represent a trident and a pyramid :)


Where can one without exposure to wasm/wa get some exposure? Curious...any good intros or basic projects out there to play?

urrri commented Feb 13, 2017


urrri commented Feb 13, 2017


urrri commented Feb 13, 2017



@s3ththompson I like the approach.

@carlosbaraza, I suppose you meant @sethlopezme.


#3 for sure, so simple

tyler-c commented Feb 17, 2017



Dropping my logo again, it had many good reactions back then on the other issue



Honestly, it's a crime that parts of the working group have led a coup that refuses to add the logo proposed by @tsirolnik, which received a majority of the body's votes. Shameful


@distransient @tsirolnik I like it for the following reasons:

  • Gradient
  • Play of words
  • W for the crown and B for, well, that.
  • Shapes

Two weeks are up, congrats @carlosbaraza on the beautiful design!

Final πŸ‘ count 1228 / 134 / 1496 / 91 / 269.

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