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This proposal is to extend the WebAssembly binary format's name section to assign names to all entities in the text format that can be named. The WebAssembly spec this proposal modifies includes only a module name, function names, and local names.

Data and elem segment names

All of the entities this proposal adds names to the binary format for are part of the WebAssembly MVP. However, the MVP text format does not include names for elem and data segments. The bulk memory ops extension adds names to the text format for elem and data segments, and defines index spaces for them, but does not define a binary format for those names.

This proposal adds names to the binary format for segments, and so is dependent on the bulk-memory-ops extension's definition of an index space for those segments. Other than the elem and data segment name subsections, this proposal is independent of the bulk-memory-ops extension.

Function label indices

This proposal defines a "function label index" space in addition to the scoped label index space already defined in the spec. This function label index space assigns indices to the labels in a function in the order their corresponding structured control instruction occurs in the function body.

Other proposals that deal with references to instructions seem to use binary format offsets:

  1. DWARF for WebAssembly
  2. The display conventions for WebAssembly locations
  3. Source maps applied to WebAssembly binaries

The reasons for using the function label index space over a binary offset in this proposal are:

  1. Any in-memory representation of the WebAssembly abstract syntax must already be able to encode the order of the structured control instructions, and that order implicitly defines the function label index space. Using binary offsets would require an implementation to keep track of the binary offset a structured control instruction was read from.
  2. The function label index space also densely maps integers to names, while binary offsets would sparsely map integers to names. That makes it more practical to use a simple data structure to store the names in memory.
  3. Finally, a binary offset would mean that a far greater proportion of WebAssembly module transforms would need to also transform the binary offsets in the name section. The function label index space is not changed by any transform that doesn't change the structured control instructions.

Name subsections

The following new name subsections are defined:

Name Type Code Description
Labels 3 Assigns names to labels in functions
Type 4 Assigns names to types
Table 5 Assigns names to tables
Memory 6 Assigns names to memories
Global 7 Assigns names to globals
Elem segment 8 Assigns names to element segments
Data segment 9 Assigns names to data segments

Label names

The label names subsection assigns name_maps to a subset of functions in the function index space. This may include both module-defined or imported functions, but is only meaningful for module-defined functions. The name_map for a function assigns names to label indices, with label indices assigned sequentially to the labels in the order they are introduced by control structure operators (i.e. block, loop, or if) in the function's code.

Field Type Description
count varuint32 count of label_names in funcs
funcs label_names* sequence of label_names sorted by index

where a label_name is encoded as:

Field Type Description
index varuint32 the index of the function whose labels are being named
label_map name_map assignment of names to labeling operator

Type names

The type names subsection is a name_map which assigns names to a subset of types in the module's type section.

Table names

The table names subsection is a name_map which assigns names to a subset of tables in the table index space.

Memory names

The memory names subsection is a name_map which assigns names to a subset of memories in the linear memory index space.

Global names

The global names subsection is a name_map which assigns names to a subset of globals in the global index space.

Elem segment names

The element segment names subsection is a name_map which assigns names to a subset of element segments in the element index space.

Data segment names

The data segment names subsection is a name_map which assigns names to a subset of data segments in the data index space.

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