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WebAssembly proposals

Proposals follow this process document.

Standardized proposals

Proposal Champion
Import/Export of Mutable Globals Ben Smith

Active proposals

Phase 4 - Standardize the Feature (WG)

Proposal Champion
Non-trapping float-to-int conversions Dan Gohman
Sign-extension operators Ben Smith

Phase 3 - Implementation Phase (CG + WG)

Proposal Champion
Multi-value Andreas Rossberg
Reference Types Andreas Rossberg
Tail call Andreas Rossberg

Phase 2 - Proposed Spec Text Available (CG + WG)

Proposal Champion
JavaScript BigInt to WebAssembly i64 integration Dan Ehrenberg
WebAssembly specification Andreas Rossberg
Bulk memory operations Ben Smith
Threads Ben Smith

Phase 1 - Feature Proposal (CG)

Proposal Champion
Custom Annotation Syntax in the Text Format Andreas Rossberg
ECMAScript module integration Lin Clark
Exception handling Heejin Ahn
Fixed-width SIMD Peter Jensen and Arun Etm
Garbage collection Andreas Rossberg
Host bindings Luke Wagner
Type Reflection for WebAssembly JavaScript API Till Schneidereit
WebAssembly C and C++ API Andreas Rossberg

Phase 0 - Pre-Proposal (CG)

Proposal Champion
Unmanaged closures Mark Miller
Web Content Security Policy

Contributing new proposals

Please see Contributing to WebAssembly for the most up-to-date information on contributing proposals to standard.