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WebAssembly proposals

Active proposals

Proposals follow this process document.

Phase 4 - Standardize the Feature (WG)

Proposal Champion
Reference Types Andreas Rossberg
Bulk memory operations Ben Smith

Phase 3 - Implementation Phase (CG + WG)

Proposal Champion
Tail call Andreas Rossberg
Fixed-width SIMD Deepti Gandluri and Arun Purushan
Multiple memories Andreas Rossberg
Custom Annotation Syntax in the Text Format Andreas Rossberg

Phase 2 - Proposed Spec Text Available (CG + WG)

Proposal Champion
Threads Ben Smith
ECMAScript module integration Lin Clark & Daniel Ehrenberg
Exception handling Heejin Ahn
Type Reflection for WebAssembly JavaScript API Till Schneidereit
Typed Function References Andreas Rossberg
Memory64 Wouter van Oortmerssen
Relaxed dead code validation Conrad Watt and Ross Tate
Numeric Values in WAT Data Segments Ezzat Chamudi

Phase 1 - Feature Proposal (CG)

Proposal Champion
Type Imports Andreas Rossberg
Garbage collection Andreas Rossberg
Interface Types Luke Wagner and Francis McCabe
WebAssembly C and C++ API Andreas Rossberg
Conditional Sections Thomas Lively
Extended Name Section Andrew Scheidecker
Flexible Vectors Petr Penzin
Instrument and Tracing Technology Richard Winterton
Call Tags Ross Tate
Module Linking Luke Wagner and Andreas Rossberg
Branch Hinting Yuri Iozzelli

Phase 0 - Pre-Proposal (CG)

Proposal Champion
Web Content Security Policy Ben Titzer
Funclets: Flexible Intraprocedural Control Flow Dan Gohman
Constant Time John Renner, Hovav Shacham, Deian Stefan, Conrad Watt

Contributing new proposals

Please see Contributing to WebAssembly for the most up-to-date information on contributing proposals to standard.


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