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2018-08-29: Web Audio PDX Meeting Notes

  • Intros, obensource presents
  • Channels
  • What would you like to see happen at Web Audio PDX?
    • Open source collaboration
    • Collaborative musical performance (e.g. web-based Gamelan orchestra)
    • Ideas
    • Motivation
  • Web Audio API
    • Modular routing with audio nodes linked to form an audio routing graph
    • OscillatorNode, GainNode, AudioDestinationNode, etc.
    • Canopy (by Hongchan Choi) is a suite of visual tools for developing/debugging Web Audio:
  • Developers + Musicians: mutually beneficial collaboration
    • Web Audio needs musicians
    • Musicians can be part of design process
    • Don't just think about the technology, think about how it could affect musicians
  • Collaborative
    • The web is all about connectedness
    • "git for music" or "Reason in the browser"
    • Can change how we interact, collaborate, and share
  • Future events
  • Call for sponsors (i.e. Pizza)

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