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Adopt the CONTRIBUTING and LICENSE files from the Web NFC repository.
These will govern the contents of the repository only when they're merged to
the gh-pages branch.
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jyasskin committed Mar 26, 2015
1 parent 4da33da commit 2b52ed16b4658ba1cae1e513edfd4fa267f15672
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This repository is being used for work in the W3C Web Bluetooth Community Group.
All contributions are made under the
[W3C CLA](
To contribute, you must join the W3C Web Bluetooth Community Group at

We intend to reject Pull Requests from anyone who has not joined the Community Group
(which requires agreement to the terms of the W3C CLA).
If any Pull Requests from you are inadvertently accepted and
you are not a W3C Web Bluetooth Community Group member,
the act of making a Pull Request indicates that you represent that
you have received permission to make Contributions on behalf of your employer, if any, and
that the Contribution is made under the terms of the W3C CLA.

This file was deleted.

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The contents of this repository are licensed under the
[W3C CLA](

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