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Fix a broken link to "trusted event".

After whatwg/html@8ffbd14 removed the term.
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1 parent cb5f6f0 commit 34f6eaa91b4dbf12147032f80fc0c584008700c2 @jyasskin jyasskin committed Oct 19, 2016
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@@ -291,6 +291,6 @@ action corresponding to the {{event}}:
-<dfn method for="EventSender">keyDown(code)</dfn> dispatches a <a>trusted
-event</a> named {{keypress}} to <a>the body element</a>, with its
+<dfn method for="EventSender">keyDown(code)</dfn> must <a>fire an event</a>
+named {{keypress}} to <a>the body element</a>, with its
{{KeyboardEvent/key}} attribute initialized to {{code}}.

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