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Clarify getAvailability for BT radio powered state (#443)

This change updates the Exposing Bluetooth availability and the
getAvailability() algorithm definition to explicitly mention that the
Bluetooth adapter powered state is not considered when determining the
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odejesush committed Jun 14, 2019
1 parent 8c79d31 commit 9a57c706c01ad1c8922c06f140a88a6a7870694f
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@@ -553,7 +553,8 @@ spec: promises-guide-1

exposes whether a Bluetooth radio is available on the user's system.
exposes whether a Bluetooth radio is available on the user's system,
regardless of whether it is powered on or not.
Some users might consider this private,
although it's hard to imagine the damage that would result from revealing it.
This information also increases the UA's <a>fingerprinting surface</a> by a bit.
@@ -2074,8 +2075,9 @@ spec: promises-guide-1
and abort these steps.
If the UA has the ability to use Bluetooth,
<a>queue a task</a> to <a>resolve</a> |promise| with `true`.
If the UA is running on a system that has a Bluetooth radio
<a>queue a task</a> to <a>resolve</a> |promise| with `true` regardless
of the powered state of the Bluetooth radio.
Otherwise, <a>queue a task</a> to <a>resolve</a> |promise| with `false`.

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