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Help issue reporters find the best place to file an issue or ask a question.
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It can sometimes be confusing to figure out where the best place is to
file an issue or ask a question about a web platform API. Before
reporting an issue here please ask yourself these questions:

1. Are you reporting a bug in the Web Bluetooth implementation in a
particular browser? If so then please use their issue tracker. For
example, the Chromium issue tracker is at

2. Do you have a question about how to use the Web Bluetooth API?
Please consider asking on StackOverflow and tag it with
"web-bluetooth". Questions asked on StackOverflow are better indexed
by search engines and so the answers will help other developers.
Questions asked here will be answered and the issue closed which
makes them much more difficult for others to find.

3. Have you found a problem with the way this API is specified or have
a feature request? File it here.

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