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Allow the UA to bond while connecting. (#352)

Fixes #346.
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1 parent da3693a commit ca0e3c9ed605140bbe0018eba6a4646900b3e1dc @jyasskin jyasskin committed on GitHub Feb 10, 2017
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@@ -3280,6 +3280,22 @@ spec: html
Use the <a>Exchange MTU</a> procedure to negotiate the largest supported MTU.
Ignore any errors from this step.
+ <li>
+ The UA MAY attempt to bond with the remote device using
+ the <a>BR/EDR Bonding Procedure</a> or
+ the <a>LE Bonding Procedure</a>.
+ Note: We would normally prefer to give the website control
+ over whether and when bonding happens,
+ but the [Core Bluetooth](
+ platform API doesn't provide a way for UAs to implement such a knob.
+ Having a bond is more secure than not having one,
+ so this specification allows the UA to opportunistically create one
+ on platforms where that's possible.
+ This may cause a user-visible pairing dialog to appear
+ when a connection is created,
+ instead of when a restricted characteristic is accessed.
+ </li>
@@ -5484,6 +5500,7 @@ spec: html
<li value="6">Idle Mode Procedures &mdash; BR/EDR Physical Transport
<li value="4"><dfn>Device Discovery Procedure</dfn></li>
+ <li value="5"><dfn>BR/EDR Bonding Procedure</dfn></li>
<li value="9">Operational Modes and Procedures &mdash; LE Physical Transport
@@ -5500,6 +5517,11 @@ spec: html
<li value="3"><dfn>Connection Modes and Procedures</dfn></li>
+ <li value="4">Bonding Modes and Procedures
+ <ol>
+ <li value="4"><dfn>LE Bonding Procedure</dfn></li>
+ </ol>
+ </li>
<li value="10">Security Aspects &mdash; LE Physical Transport

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