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Temporarily add an anchor for BluetoothDevice.

Something in Bikeshed is losing the dfn-type="interface" in

I also cleaned up no-longer-needed cross-references now that Shepherd
has picked them up.
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jyasskin committed Sep 29, 2016
1 parent 81c943f commit cc0911c4fdd7d69f83d7f9fd6784209a7f0d67f9
Showing with 2 additions and 17 deletions.
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@@ -83,23 +83,8 @@ spec: WebIDL; urlPrefix:
text: a copy of the bytes held; url: dfn-get-buffer-source-copy
spec: web-bluetooth; urlPrefix: index.html#
type: dfn
text: canonicalizing
for: BluetoothDataFilterInit; url: bluetoothdatafilterinit-canonicalizing
for: BluetoothLEScanFilterInit; url: bluetoothlescanfilterinit-canonicalizing
for: BluetoothDataFilterInit; text: matches; url: bluetoothdatafilterinit-matches
type: dictionary; urlPrefix: dictdef-
text: BluetoothDataFilterInit
text: BluetoothLEScanFilterInit
type: dict-member
for: AllowedBluetoothDevice; text: mayUseGATT; url: dom-allowedbluetoothdevice-mayusegatt
for: BluetoothLEScanFilterInit; urlPrefix: dom-bluetoothlescanfilterinit-
text: manufacturerData
text: serviceData
text: services
for: BluetoothDataFilterInit; urlPrefix: dom-bluetoothdatafilterinit-
text: dataPrefix
text: mask
type: interface
text: BluetoothDevice
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