Live Release Notes jBilling CE 4.x

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Community­ Version 4.1.1


We have added a couple of new large innovative feature in this Release. These features actually make the CE Edition useful for real business. There are numerous bug fixes as is the case with Community Edition. We have added a suite of Geb/Spock Tests that will help us quality test our release.

Large Enhancements

  • jBilling Metrics (Under Development) (NEW)
  • Discounts Redesign - Usage based discounts, Variable Discounts (NEW)
  • Rest API Mapping (4.1.1) - Representational State Transfer (ReST) is the software architectural style of the World Wide Web.When Web services use ReST architecture, they are called ReSTful APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) or ReST APIs
  • Entity Specific Prices (4.1.1)
  • Product-historical-pricing (4.1.1) - From view perspective we are replacing existing price column with new price column in which we use calendar for selecting multiple date for which we are adding price of product. We can add one currency for multiple companies for the same date but only for single date only one currency and price can be set for particular company

Small and Medium Enhancements

  • Translation in Portuguese, German, French language
  • [53] - Add Chinese and INR currencies as a changeSet to jbilling-upgrade.xml
  • Implemented re-usable method for pricingDate price resolution
  • Added infrastructure for company specific ItemPriceDTO
  • Refactored Base Dir method
  • Fixed issues: Added debug logs and Removed unwanted files
  • Web Data Purple theme
  • [14] - Enable Disable Signup's on host
  • Geb Tests - Sanity

Numerous Bug Fixes

  • Modified data type of column date_val for mysql database
  • Included Mediation related fixes, Mysql database related fixes
  • Download PDF issue resolved on hsql database
  • Resolved customers listing and apply to invoice problem
  • Removed unexpected tokens in _pricing.gsp
  • glDatePicker removed, added existing datepicker
  • Different languages
  • Code changes on prices div
  • Scroll bar added on Product prices section
  • [60] - Error on sign up for a different language than English
  • Minor issue resolved on updating product
  • Now product price is display on show page as well as on edit page loading
  • [46] - Companies not listed in prices section if global checked.
  • Fixed NPE on Edit Product
  • Fix product price not according to order change date
  • Sign up successful with other language
  • Mediation Hibernate issue Solved. Now end time is saving in database.
  • Added messages for mediation config breadcrumbs, Fixed breadcrumb issue
  • Fixed bug with download pdf
  • Fixed download pdf bug on MySQL
  • Merged Bootstrap.groovy issue
  • Fixed mediation bug
  • Changes done to run Mediation
  • Mediation 2-0-interim. Added Test Mediation Task for Asterisk Format
  • [45] - Prepare-test On MYSQL Fails
  • Removed double entry for manual pricing
  • [43] - Unexpected error coming on saving customer
  • Solve price varying issue on Order creation time
  • Added import for OrderBL
  • Resolve Order GET request issue
  • Product historical pricing feature completed 100%
  • UI- modification has been completed
  • Product pricing history completed 90%
  • Latest changes of updating product
  • Removed duplicate code
  • Now product can be saved with currency and date
  • Fixed saving price
  • Bug fix - Save product
  • Bug fix - Null Pointer Exception
  • Entity specific prices mappings
  • Fixed missing column item_entity_map_id in item_price
  • [37] - Fixed bug with create user
  • Corrected method name in Product controller
  • Small change in UserController, RenderJsonMessage removed.
  • Error Handling done on all Mandatory Controllers
  • All Rest Calls configuration done on Mandatory Controllers
  • Fixed bug with withFormat config
  • Configure AccountType/ MetaFields/ MetaFieldGroup controller with REST calls
  • Rest calls working for Customer/ Agent/ Product/ User
  • Removed error coming on run-app: a resource was required but not found: /css/images/left.png and down.png
  • [18] - Asset Management should not be mandatory for Subscription Products
  • Fixed Secured Method Factory issue
  • Fixed ant test units
  • Fixed appender issue
  • Use daily rolling file for jbilling logs
  • [3] - Metafields missing on add Payment method page
  • Fixed compilation issues
  • [4] - Impersonate window is overlapping on the Show assets page.
  • [5] - Root company can not impersonate child company.
  • Prepare-test against MySQL database issues resolved
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