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@@ -71,6 +71,8 @@ This script is easy to install. If you can't figure it out you probably shouldn'
* Metabox containing WYSIWYG editor cannot be moved (this is a TinyMCE issue)
## To-do
* Fix known issues (above)
* move timepicker and datepicker jQuery inline
* support for multiple configurable timepickers/datepickers
@@ -88,7 +90,23 @@ This script is easy to install. If you can't figure it out you probably shouldn'
+* Change the way the `'cmb_validate_{$field['type']}'` filter works.
+It is now passed a null value vs saved value. If null is returned, default sanitization will follow. **THIS IS A BREAKING CHANGE**. If you're already using this filter, take note.
* All field types that take an option array have been simplified to take `key => value` pairs (vs `array( 'name' => 'value', 'value' => 'key', )`). This effects the 'select', 'radio', 'radio_inline' field types. The 'multicheck' field type was already using the `key => value` format. Backwards compatibility has been maintained for those using the older style.
+* Added default value option for `taxonomy_select` field type. props [@darlantc](
+* Added option to specify image preview size for `file_list` field type. props [@IgorCode](
+* Updated `file_list` images to be displayed horizontally instead of vertically. props [@IgorCode](
+* Use `get_the_terms` where possible since the data is cached.
+**Bug Fixes**
+* Fixed wysiwyg escaping slashes. props [@gregrickaby](
+* Replaced `__DIR__`, as `dirname( __FILE__ )` is easier to maintain back-compatibility.
+* Fixed missing table styling on new posts. [@mustardBees](
+* Fix undeclared JS variable. [@veelen](
+* Fix `file_list` errors when removing all files and saving.
+* Set correct `object_id` to be used later in `cmb_show_on` filter. [@lauravaq](
+* Fix sanitization recursion memeory issues.
### 1.0.1

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