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A D library for random number generation and related functionality such as sampling, shuffling and so on.

hap.random is intended as a replacement for Phobos' std.random, and addresses a number of issues encountered in that module. In particular, hap.random implements random number generators and related entities as reference types rather than value types. It is however largely derivative of std.random and to the greatest extent possible implements the same API, with some functional additions, notably the random distribution ranges.

The library name, hap, is Welsh for "random" or "chance". :-)


To import all standard functionality from the library, use

import hap.random;

The individual package modules hap.random.generator, hap.random.distribution, hap.random.adaptor and hap.random.traits can alternatively be imported individually depending on need.

The experimental module hap.random.device must be imported individually and should be used with caution; its API may be subject to change.

Migration instructions for std.random users are provided in the documentation at

hap.random should be compatible with compilers using the D frontend 2.065 or later.


hap.random is a source library, and can be used as a dub package dependency: the dub package is simply called hap.

dub fetch hap

should get you a copy from the repository. You can add hap as a dependency to your projects by adding the following JSON to the dub.json file:

"dependencies": {
    "hap": ">=1.0.0-rc.2"

In addition, the included Makefile offers some utilities for developers working directly on the library itself:

make unittest

will build and run two different unittest executables, unit and unit-xper, covering respectively the standard and experimental parts of the library.

make benchmark

will build two benchmarking executables: benchmarknew benchmarks hap.random itself while benchmarkold offers comparable speed tests of std.random.

make doc

can be used to build documentation.


Contributions of code, issue reports or simply suggestions are all welcome. hap.random is released under the Boost License 1.0, so code submissions must be similarly licensed.


An experimental next-generation random number package for D's standard library



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