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12 Oct 17:53
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Thanks for hacking The Goat!

It's easy to get started with WebGoat. The easiest way is to simply download the WebGoat-6.0.1-war.exec.jar binary and run it with "java -jar WebGoat-6.0.1-war.exec.jar". Then browse to http://localhost:8080/WebGoat.

For more detailed instructions see:

WebGoat is a demonstration of common web application flaws. The associated exercises are intended to provide hands-on experience with techniques aimed at demonstrating and testing application penetration.

From the entire WebGoat team, we appreciate your interest and efforts in making applications not just better, but safer and more secure for everyone. We, as well as our sacrificial goat, thank you.

Version: 6.0.1, Build: 14

Contact us:

WebGoat mailing list:
Bruce Mayhew:

WebGoat Authors

Bruce Mayhew (Project Lead)
Jeff Williams (Original Idea)
Richard Lawson (Architect)
Jason White (Architect)

WebGoat Design Team

Richard Lawson
Bruce Mayhew
Jason White
Ali Looney (User Interface)