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Converts Drupal 8 Sites to the latest Composer Managed Template
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GoComposer is an all in one solution to update existing Drupal 8 sites to the latest Fully Composer Managed template. It takes the template found in drupal-project and automagically applies it to ypur site.

Just add the GoComposer Plug-in to your project, invoke one command and let this Plug-in do the rest...

The aim of this Plug-in is to morph all drupal 8 installation into a universal defualt template.

Having your Drupal 8 installation modified to this template will simplify future Drupal 8 Core & Contrib Modules updates. It's highly recommended you switch to this template

Intended Audience

If you current Project is a Drupal 8 site with one of the following Scenarios, then GoComposer is your one stop solution:

  • Scenario 1: You have installed your site initially through Composer using the drupal/drupal deprecated package.
  • Scenario 2: You have installed your site initially from a tar.gz or zip file.
  • Scenario 3: You have installed your site using git clone from the main repo.


  • It's highly recommended to implement this update on your local environment then update your production site
  • You have to have access to the bash shell command line to run this Plug-in. On Mac just use Terminal. On Windows 10, it's recomended to install the Ubuntu Bash shell


Running the gocomposer Command will automate the process of Updating your existing custom site to the latest and greatest Drupal 8 version.

The 'gocomposer' Command will do the following:

  • Backup Your Existing Site files and Database and place them in the newly created backup folder at your Project Root.

  • Download the latest template from the drupal-project, Place it in a temporary folder

  • Extract the template.composer.json which is then populated with your existing site dependencies and then save it as your new composer.json file in your project root

  • Modify your whole sites folder structure to the new format. Moving the following directories to the new /web docroot:

    • /core
    • /sites
    • /libraries
    • /profiles
    • /modules
    • /themes
  • Updates your Drupal Core & Contrib Modules to the latest current version while preserving your existing project dependencies.

  • Automatically save your Current environment variables to .env in the Project root outside the /web docroot for increased security and future compatibility.

  • Automatically update your settings.php to pull in the Environment Variables from the .env file created above. The old setting.php file will be saved as settings_orig.php in your project root.

  • Automatically updates Drupal Scaffolding files such as index.php, update.php, robots.txt, etc to the latest version.

  • Runs final clean up scripts that finalize the modifications including updating your database.


cd path/to/drupal/project/repo

composer require webkings-ca/gocomposer:dev-master


cd path/to/drupal/project/repo

composer require webkings-ca/gocomposer:dev-master

composer gocomposer

Make sure you are in the Drupal root directory of your project, where .git is located.


# Drupal Root is located in a `~/Sites/Drupal8project` subdirectory.

cd ~/Sites/Drupal8project

composer require webkings-ca/gocomposer:dev-master

composer gocomposer


You can watch a demo for using this Plug-in here

Drupal 8 GoComposer Demo

Final Folder Structure

After Running GoComposer your site structure will be:

Final Folder Structure


If you are unable to require webkings-ca/gocomposer due to your current Configuration try the following:

# Drupal Root is located in a `~/Sites/Drupal8project` subdirectory.

cd ~/Sites/Drupal8project

rm -rf vendor

composer require webkings-ca/gocomposer:dev-master

composer gocomposer

Should you encounter any issues, Create an issue in the issue queue


This project's code base template is taken from composerize-drupal plugin. It has been heavily modified to implement it's current functionality.


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