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Fix include gstreamer path on cross compiler toolchains

Reviewed by Adrian Perez de Castro.

Set the include paths for the gstreamer components to the full path
using the find_path(). This function relies in CMAKE_FIND_ROOT_PATH to
find the right place where the includes they are. This fixes possible
warnings/errors on cross toolchains using -Wpoison-system-directories
and -Werror=poison-system-directories.

* Source/cmake/FindGStreamer.cmake:

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psaavedra authored and aperezdc committed Jun 27, 2022
1 parent 2a7a510 commit 25efd14
Showing 1 changed file with 11 additions and 3 deletions.
14 changes: 11 additions & 3 deletions Source/cmake/FindGStreamer.cmake
Expand Up @@ -75,12 +75,20 @@ macro(FIND_GSTREAMER_COMPONENT _component_prefix _pkgconfig_name _library)
# ${includedir}/gstreamer-1.0 which remains correct. The issue here is that
# we don't rely on the `Cflags`, cmake fails to generate a proper
# `.._INCLUDE_DIRS` variable in this case. So we need to do it here...

# Populate the list initially from the _INCLUDE_DIRS result variable.
set(${_component_prefix}_INCLUDE_DIRS ${PC_${_component_prefix}_INCLUDE_DIRS})

set(_include_dir "${PC_${_component_prefix}_INCLUDEDIR}")
string(REGEX MATCH "(.*)/gstreamer-1.0" _dummy "${_include_dir}")

set(${_component_prefix}_INCLUDE_DIRS "${_include_dir}/gstreamer-1.0;${PC_${_component_prefix}_INCLUDE_DIRS}")
else ()
set(${_component_prefix}_INCLUDE_DIRS "${PC_${_component_prefix}_INCLUDE_DIRS}")
find_path(${_component_prefix}_RESOLVED_INCLUDEDIR NAMES "${_include_dir}/gstreamer-1.0")
# Only add the resolved path from `_INCLUDEDIR` if found.
if (${_component_prefix}_RESOLVED_INCLUDEDIR)
list(APPEND ${_component_prefix}_INCLUDE_DIRS
endif ()
endif ()

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