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Unreviewed, rolling out r177456.

Broke webkitpy and Mac tests (Requested by ap on #webkit).

Reverted changeset:

"REGRESSION (r177363): Gtk and Efl testing is broken"

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git-svn-id: 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc
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webkit-commit-queue committed Dec 17, 2014
1 parent 990b6c5 commit 32e18ed5b7bbd5aff26f5a48a8e999eb1fc410e2
@@ -1,3 +1,16 @@
2014-12-17 Commit Queue <>

Unreviewed, rolling out r177456.

Broke webkitpy and Mac tests (Requested by ap on #webkit).

Reverted changeset:

"REGRESSION (r177363): Gtk and Efl testing is broken"

2014-12-17 Alexey Proskuryakov <>

REGRESSION (r177363): Gtk and Efl testing is broken
@@ -60,7 +60,13 @@ def __init__(self, port, options, results_directory, worker_name, driver, test_i
self._should_run_pixel_test = test_input.should_run_pixel_test
self._reference_files = test_input.reference_files
self._stop_when_done = stop_when_done

self._timeout = test_input.timeout
if self._timeout > 5000:
# Timeouts are detected by both script and tool; tool detected timeouts are
# better, because they contain partial output. Give the tool some time to
# report the timeout instead of being killed.
self._timeout = int(self._timeout) - 5000

if self._reference_files:
# Detect and report a test which has a wrong combination of expectation files.
@@ -131,16 +131,14 @@ def additional_drt_flag(self):
return []

def supports_per_test_timeout(self):
# FIXME: Make per-test timeouts unconditional once all ports' DumpRenderTrees support that.
# Windows DumpRenderTree may be the only one remaining to be fixed at this time.
return False

def default_pixel_tests(self):
# FIXME: Disable until they are run by default on
return False

def default_timeout_ms(self):
return 30 * 1000
return 35 * 1000

def driver_stop_timeout(self):
""" Returns the amount of time in seconds to wait before killing the process in driver.stop()."""
@@ -179,13 +179,7 @@ def run_test(self, driver_input, stop_when_done):
self.err_seen_eof = False

command = self._command_from_driver_input(driver_input)

# Certain timeouts are detected by the tool itself; tool detection is better,
# because results contain partial output in this case. Make script timeout longer
# by 5 seconds to avoid racing for which timeout is detected first.
# FIXME: It's not the job of the driver to decide what the timeouts should be.
# Move the additional timeout to driver_input.
deadline = test_begin_time + int(driver_input.timeout) / 1000.0 + 5
deadline = test_begin_time + int(driver_input.timeout) / 1000.0

text, audio = self._read_first_block(deadline) # First block is either text or audio
@@ -266,8 +266,7 @@ void InjectedBundle::beginTesting(WKDictionaryRef settings)

if (m_timeout > 0)


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