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Setting the value of a textarea is much slower in WebKit than it is i…
…n Chromium

Reviewed by Alexey Proskuryakov.

These changes make the micro-benchmark of setting the text of a textarea about 4x faster.

* Source/WTF/wtf/text/StringView.cpp:
(WTF::makeStringBySimplifyingNewLinesSlowCase): Added. Implements a faster algorithm for
standardizing line endings as opposed to making two passes through the string.

* Source/WTF/wtf/text/StringView.h:
(WTF::makeStringBySimplifyingNewLines): Added a high-speed check for '\r' characters before doing
the slower algorithm to standardize line separators. Most strings won't have any at all, and none
of the ones in the benchmark do.

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darinadler committed Nov 12, 2022
1 parent c048bf2 commit 610bbdbf42f2cad4bb6a06eadd3e6fcc735cc59b
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Showing 2 changed files with 34 additions and 1 deletion.
@@ -447,6 +447,35 @@ int codePointCompare(StringView lhs, StringView rhs)
return codePointCompare(lhs.characters16(), lhs.length(), rhs.characters16(), rhs.length());

template<typename CharacterType> static String makeStringBySimplifyingNewLinesSlowCase(const String& string, unsigned firstCarriageReturn)
unsigned length = string.length();
unsigned resultLength = firstCarriageReturn;
auto* characters = string.characters<CharacterType>();
CharacterType* resultCharacters;
auto result = String::createUninitialized(length, resultCharacters);
memcpy(resultCharacters, characters, firstCarriageReturn * sizeof(CharacterType));
for (unsigned i = firstCarriageReturn; i < length; ++i) {
if (characters[i] != '\r')
resultCharacters[resultLength++] = characters[i];
else {
resultCharacters[resultLength++] = '\n';
if (i < length + 1 && characters[i + 1] == '\n')
if (resultLength < length)
result = StringImpl::createSubstringSharingImpl(*result.impl(), 0, resultLength);
return result;

String makeStringBySimplifyingNewLinesSlowCase(const String& string, unsigned firstCarriageReturn)
if (string.is8Bit())
return makeStringBySimplifyingNewLinesSlowCase<LChar>(string, firstCarriageReturn);
return makeStringBySimplifyingNewLinesSlowCase<UChar>(string, firstCarriageReturn);


// Manage reference count manually so UnderlyingString does not need to be defined in the header.
@@ -1356,10 +1356,14 @@ inline String WARN_UNUSED_RETURN makeStringByReplacingAll(const String& string,

WTF_EXPORT_PRIVATE String WARN_UNUSED_RETURN makeStringByReplacingAll(StringView, UChar target, UChar replacement);
WTF_EXPORT_PRIVATE String WARN_UNUSED_RETURN makeStringBySimplifyingNewLinesSlowCase(const String&, unsigned firstCarriageReturnOffset);

inline String WARN_UNUSED_RETURN makeStringBySimplifyingNewLines(const String& string)
return makeStringByReplacingAll(makeStringByReplacingAll(string, "\r\n"_s, "\n"_s), '\r', '\n');
auto firstCarriageReturn = string.find('\r');
if (firstCarriageReturn == notFound)
return string;
return makeStringBySimplifyingNewLinesSlowCase(string, firstCarriageReturn);

inline bool String::startsWith(StringView string) const

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