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Use override specifiers in PluginView

Reviewed by Alex Christensen.

* Plugins/PluginView.h:

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annulen committed Sep 27, 2016
1 parent 3868cef commit 9d723ff831b86cdc8dbd84d802fb2bda64be9290
Showing 2 changed files with 27 additions and 18 deletions.
@@ -1,3 +1,12 @@
2016-09-27 Konstantin Tokarev <>

Use override specifiers in PluginView

Reviewed by Alex Christensen.

* Plugins/PluginView.h:

2016-09-23 Antoine Quint <>

Add a new runtime flag for work on modern media controls (off by default)
@@ -161,34 +161,34 @@ namespace WebCore {
void pushPopupsEnabledState(bool state);
void popPopupsEnabledState();

virtual void invalidateRect(const IntRect&);
void invalidateRect(const IntRect&) override;

bool arePopupsAllowed() const;

void setJavaScriptPaused(bool);
void setJavaScriptPaused(bool) override;

void privateBrowsingStateChanged(bool);
void privateBrowsingStateChanged(bool) override;

void disconnectStream(PluginStream*);
void streamDidFinishLoading(PluginStream* stream) { disconnectStream(stream); }
void streamDidFinishLoading(PluginStream* stream) override { disconnectStream(stream); }

// Widget functions
virtual void setFrameRect(const IntRect&);
virtual void frameRectsChanged();
virtual void setFocus(bool);
virtual void show();
virtual void hide();
virtual void paint(GraphicsContext&, const IntRect&);
void setFrameRect(const IntRect&) override;
void frameRectsChanged() override;
void setFocus(bool) override;
void show() override;
void hide() override;
void paint(GraphicsContext&, const IntRect&) override;
void clipRectChanged() override;

// This method is used by plugins on all platforms to obtain a clip rect that includes clips set by WebCore,
// e.g., in overflow:auto sections. The clip rects coordinates are in the containing window's coordinate space.
// This clip includes any clips that the widget itself sets up for its children.
IntRect windowClipRect() const;

virtual void handleEvent(Event*);
virtual void setParent(ScrollView*);
virtual void setParentVisible(bool);
void handleEvent(Event*) override;
void setParent(ScrollView*) override;
void setParentVisible(bool) override;

bool isPluginView() const override { return true; }

@@ -207,10 +207,10 @@ namespace WebCore {

// Used for manual loading
void didReceiveResponse(const ResourceResponse&);
void didReceiveData(const char*, int);
void didFinishLoading();
void didFail(const ResourceError&);
void didReceiveResponse(const ResourceResponse&) override;
void didReceiveData(const char*, int) override;
void didFinishLoading() override;
void didFail(const ResourceError&) override;

static bool isCallingPlugin();

@@ -246,7 +246,7 @@ namespace WebCore {

void invalidateWindowlessPluginRect(const IntRect&);

virtual void mediaCanStart();
void mediaCanStart() override;

void paintWindowedPluginIntoContext(GraphicsContext&, const IntRect&);

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