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Ignore <option> element while building accessibility tree when <selec…
…t> is hidden

Reviewed by Carlos Garcia Campos.

When we insert `AccessibilityObject`'s child, we check that its
`parentObject` is the `AccessiblityObject` we're inserting it into.

In normal circumstances `AccessibilityObject`'s subclass representing
`HTMLSelectElement` is `AccessibilityMenuList`. It creates
`AccessiblityMenuListPopup` as its only accessibility child. All
`HTMLSelectElement`'s node children accessibility objects are inserted
into the popup.

For non-multiple `HTMLSelectElement` the only possible node child class
that participates in accessibility tree is `HTMLOptionElement` with its
accessibility counterpart `AccessibilityMenuListOption`.
`AccessibilityMenuListOption`'s `parentObject` is set explicitly to
`AccessiblityMenuListPopup` when it's being inserted into one.

Situation changes when `HTMLSelectElement` is hidden but `aria-hidden`
attribute set to `false`
(like in `accessibility/aria-visible-element-roles.html` layout test).
In this case, we don't have a renderer object associated with
`HTMLSelectElement` and simply create a regular `AccessiblityNodeObject`
for it. Then we insert `AccessibilityMenuListOption` as
`AccessiblityNodeObject`'s child without setting its `parentObject`.
Thus, `child->parentObject() == this` assertion fails.

Since we can't present a menu without `HTMLSelectElement`'s renderer
anyway (and this is what Chromium does), it's safe to skip
`HTMLSelectElement` while building the accessibility tree in such cases.

* Source/WebCore/accessibility/AXObjectCache.cpp:

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obyknovenius authored and aperezdc committed Sep 28, 2022
1 parent 3727c3d commit a9c99d1f4261bfa6d50692990f944d7e31cdb20e
Showing 1 changed file with 2 additions and 0 deletions.
@@ -741,6 +741,8 @@ AccessibilityObject* AXObjectCache::getOrCreate(Node* node)
if (select->usesMenuList()) {
if (!isOptionElement)
return nullptr;
if (!select->renderer())
return nullptr;
object = AccessibilityMenuListOption::create(downcast<HTMLOptionElement>(*node));
} else
object = AccessibilityListBoxOption::create(downcast<HTMLElement>(*node));

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