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css-pseudo: ::placeholder should not support 'writing-mode', 'directi…
…on', and 'text-orientation'

css-pseudo: ::placeholder should not support 'writing-mode', 'direction', and 'text-orientation'

Reviewed by Alan Bujtas.

Merge -

It is to align Webkit behavior with Web-Spec:

All properties that apply to the ::first-line pseudo-element also apply to the ::placeholder pseudo-element.

User agents may apply other properties as well except for the following excluded properties:
- writing-mode
- direction
- text-orientation

* Source/WebCore/css/html.css - Updated ::placeholder to add 'direction', 'text-orientation' and 'writing-mode'

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Ahmad Saleem authored and hortont424 committed Sep 13, 2022
1 parent 6a7b744 commit b79ce718736d854df91a05173ba242e49d9cf2f2
Showing 1 changed file with 3 additions and 0 deletions.
@@ -762,7 +762,10 @@ textarea {
::placeholder {
-webkit-text-security: none;
color: darkGray;
direction: inherit !important;
pointer-events: none !important;
text-orientation: inherit !important;
writing-mode: inherit !important;

input::placeholder {

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