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BUILD FIX: Backed out r38189 (and r38203) for Xcode 3.0.

        BUILD FIX: Backed out r38189 (and r38203) for Xcode 3.0.

        Apparently older versions of gcc have issues with this patch.
        Backing out a second time until the issues are resolved.


        BUILD FIX: Backed out r38189 (and r38203) for Xcode 3.0.

        Apparently older versions of gcc have issues with this patch.
        Backing out a second time until the issues are resolved.


        BUILD FIX: Backed out r38189 (and r38203) for Xcode 3.0.

        Apparently older versions of gcc have issues with this patch.
        Backing out a second time until the issues are resolved.

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git-svn-id: 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc
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ddkilzer committed Nov 7, 2008
1 parent 10f4fdb commit ce35dac0f567c4da3902efd14f94e5b58add7a9d
Showing 83 changed files with 333 additions and 240 deletions.
@@ -1,3 +1,10 @@
2008-11-06 David Kilzer <>

BUILD FIX: Backed out r38189 (and r38203) for Xcode 3.0.

Apparently older versions of gcc have issues with this patch.
Backing out a second time until the issues are resolved.

2008-11-06 Julien Chaffraix <>

Reviewed by Maciej Stachowiak.
@@ -52,7 +52,7 @@ static void* collect(void*)

GCController& gcController()
static GCController& staticGCController = *new GCController;
static GCController staticGCController;
return staticGCController;

@@ -97,10 +97,10 @@ static inline void removeWrappers(const JSWrapperCache&)
static HashSet<DOMObject*>& wrapperSet()
static ThreadSpecific<HashSet<DOMObject*> >& staticWrapperSet = *new ThreadSpecific<HashSet<DOMObject*> >;
static ThreadSpecific<HashSet<DOMObject*> > staticWrapperSet;
return *staticWrapperSet;
static HashSet<DOMObject*>& staticWrapperSet = *new HashSet<DOMObject*>;
static HashSet<DOMObject*> staticWrapperSet;
return staticWrapperSet;
@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@ typedef HashMap<JSGlobalObject*, WrapperMap*> GlobalObjectWrapperMap;

static GlobalObjectWrapperMap& wrappers()
static GlobalObjectWrapperMap& map = *new GlobalObjectWrapperMap;
static GlobalObjectWrapperMap map;
return map;

@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@ typedef HashMap<JSObject*, JSInspectorCallbackWrapper*> WrapperMap;

static WrapperMap& wrappers()
static WrapperMap& map = *new WrapperMap;
static WrapperMap map;
return map;

@@ -42,7 +42,7 @@ typedef HashSet<RootObject*> RootObjectSet;

static RootObjectSet* rootObjectSet()
static RootObjectSet& staticRootObjectSet = *new RootObjectSet;
static RootObjectSet staticRootObjectSet;
return &staticRootObjectSet;

@@ -501,7 +501,7 @@ String CSSMutableStyleDeclaration::removeProperty(int propertyID, bool notifyCha
ec = 0;

static HashMap<int, PropertyLonghand>& shorthandMap = *new HashMap<int, PropertyLonghand>;
static HashMap<int, PropertyLonghand> shorthandMap;
if (shorthandMap.isEmpty())

@@ -686,7 +686,7 @@ String CSSPrimitiveValue::cssText() const
// FIXME: Add list-style and separator
case CSS_RECT: {
static const String& rectParen = *new String("rect(");
static const String rectParen("rect(");

Rect* rectVal = getRectValue();
Vector<UChar> result;
@@ -709,9 +709,9 @@ String CSSPrimitiveValue::cssText() const
static const String& commaSpace = *new String(", ");
static const String& rgbParen = *new String("rgb(");
static const String& rgbaParen = *new String("rgba(");
static const String commaSpace(", ");
static const String rgbParen("rgb(");
static const String rgbaParen("rgba(");

RGBA32 rgbColor = m_value.rgbcolor;
if (m_type == CSS_PARSER_HEXCOLOR)
@@ -62,75 +62,75 @@ void CSSSelector::extractPseudoType() const
if (m_match != PseudoClass && m_match != PseudoElement)

static AtomicString& active = *new AtomicString("active");
static AtomicString& after = *new AtomicString("after");
static AtomicString& anyLink = *new AtomicString("-webkit-any-link");
static AtomicString& autofill = *new AtomicString("-webkit-autofill");
static AtomicString& before = *new AtomicString("before");
static AtomicString& checked = *new AtomicString("checked");
static AtomicString& fileUploadButton = *new AtomicString("-webkit-file-upload-button");
static AtomicString& disabled = *new AtomicString("disabled");
static AtomicString& readOnly = *new AtomicString("read-only");
static AtomicString& readWrite = *new AtomicString("read-write");
static AtomicString& drag = *new AtomicString("-webkit-drag");
static AtomicString& dragAlias = *new AtomicString("-khtml-drag"); // was documented with this name in Apple documentation, so keep an alias
static AtomicString& empty = *new AtomicString("empty");
static AtomicString& enabled = *new AtomicString("enabled");
static AtomicString& firstChild = *new AtomicString("first-child");
static AtomicString& firstLetter = *new AtomicString("first-letter");
static AtomicString& firstLine = *new AtomicString("first-line");
static AtomicString& firstOfType = *new AtomicString("first-of-type");
static AtomicString& fullPageMedia = *new AtomicString("-webkit-full-page-media");
static AtomicString& nthChild = *new AtomicString("nth-child(");
static AtomicString& nthOfType = *new AtomicString("nth-of-type(");
static AtomicString& nthLastChild = *new AtomicString("nth-last-child(");
static AtomicString& nthLastOfType = *new AtomicString("nth-last-of-type(");
static AtomicString& focus = *new AtomicString("focus");
static AtomicString& hover = *new AtomicString("hover");
static AtomicString& indeterminate = *new AtomicString("indeterminate");
static AtomicString& inputPlaceholder = *new AtomicString("-webkit-input-placeholder");
static AtomicString& lastChild = *new AtomicString("last-child");
static AtomicString& lastOfType = *new AtomicString("last-of-type");
static AtomicString& link = *new AtomicString("link");
static AtomicString& lang = *new AtomicString("lang(");
static AtomicString& mediaControlsPanel = *new AtomicString("-webkit-media-controls-panel");
static AtomicString& mediaControlsMuteButton = *new AtomicString("-webkit-media-controls-mute-button");
static AtomicString& mediaControlsPlayButton = *new AtomicString("-webkit-media-controls-play-button");
static AtomicString& mediaControlsTimeDisplay = *new AtomicString("-webkit-media-controls-time-display");
static AtomicString& mediaControlsTimeline = *new AtomicString("-webkit-media-controls-timeline");
static AtomicString& mediaControlsSeekBackButton = *new AtomicString("-webkit-media-controls-seek-back-button");
static AtomicString& mediaControlsSeekForwardButton = *new AtomicString("-webkit-media-controls-seek-forward-button");
static AtomicString& mediaControlsFullscreenButton = *new AtomicString("-webkit-media-controls-fullscreen-button");
static AtomicString& notStr = *new AtomicString("not(");
static AtomicString& onlyChild = *new AtomicString("only-child");
static AtomicString& onlyOfType = *new AtomicString("only-of-type");
static AtomicString& resizer = *new AtomicString("-webkit-resizer");
static AtomicString& root = *new AtomicString("root");
static AtomicString& scrollbar = *new AtomicString("-webkit-scrollbar");
static AtomicString& scrollbarButton = *new AtomicString("-webkit-scrollbar-button");
static AtomicString& scrollbarCorner = *new AtomicString("-webkit-scrollbar-corner");
static AtomicString& scrollbarThumb = *new AtomicString("-webkit-scrollbar-thumb");
static AtomicString& scrollbarTrack = *new AtomicString("-webkit-scrollbar-track");
static AtomicString& scrollbarTrackPiece = *new AtomicString("-webkit-scrollbar-track-piece");
static AtomicString& searchCancelButton = *new AtomicString("-webkit-search-cancel-button");
static AtomicString& searchDecoration = *new AtomicString("-webkit-search-decoration");
static AtomicString& searchResultsDecoration = *new AtomicString("-webkit-search-results-decoration");
static AtomicString& searchResultsButton = *new AtomicString("-webkit-search-results-button");
static AtomicString& selection = *new AtomicString("selection");
static AtomicString& sliderThumb = *new AtomicString("-webkit-slider-thumb");
static AtomicString& target = *new AtomicString("target");
static AtomicString& visited = *new AtomicString("visited");
static AtomicString& windowInactive = *new AtomicString("window-inactive");
static AtomicString& decrement = *new AtomicString("decrement");
static AtomicString& increment = *new AtomicString("increment");
static AtomicString& start = *new AtomicString("start");
static AtomicString& end = *new AtomicString("end");
static AtomicString& horizontal = *new AtomicString("horizontal");
static AtomicString& vertical = *new AtomicString("vertical");
static AtomicString& doubleButton = *new AtomicString("double-button");
static AtomicString& singleButton = *new AtomicString("single-button");
static AtomicString& noButton = *new AtomicString("no-button");
static AtomicString& cornerPresent = *new AtomicString("corner-present");
static AtomicString active("active");
static AtomicString after("after");
static AtomicString anyLink("-webkit-any-link");
static AtomicString autofill("-webkit-autofill");
static AtomicString before("before");
static AtomicString checked("checked");
static AtomicString fileUploadButton("-webkit-file-upload-button");
static AtomicString disabled("disabled");
static AtomicString readOnly("read-only");
static AtomicString readWrite("read-write");
static AtomicString drag("-webkit-drag");
static AtomicString dragAlias("-khtml-drag"); // was documented with this name in Apple documentation, so keep an alias
static AtomicString empty("empty");
static AtomicString enabled("enabled");
static AtomicString firstChild("first-child");
static AtomicString firstLetter("first-letter");
static AtomicString firstLine("first-line");
static AtomicString firstOfType("first-of-type");
static AtomicString fullPageMedia("-webkit-full-page-media");
static AtomicString nthChild("nth-child(");
static AtomicString nthOfType("nth-of-type(");
static AtomicString nthLastChild("nth-last-child(");
static AtomicString nthLastOfType("nth-last-of-type(");
static AtomicString focus("focus");
static AtomicString hover("hover");
static AtomicString indeterminate("indeterminate");
static AtomicString inputPlaceholder("-webkit-input-placeholder");
static AtomicString lastChild("last-child");
static AtomicString lastOfType("last-of-type");
static AtomicString link("link");
static AtomicString lang("lang(");
static AtomicString mediaControlsPanel("-webkit-media-controls-panel");
static AtomicString mediaControlsMuteButton("-webkit-media-controls-mute-button");
static AtomicString mediaControlsPlayButton("-webkit-media-controls-play-button");
static AtomicString mediaControlsTimeDisplay("-webkit-media-controls-time-display");
static AtomicString mediaControlsTimeline("-webkit-media-controls-timeline");
static AtomicString mediaControlsSeekBackButton("-webkit-media-controls-seek-back-button");
static AtomicString mediaControlsSeekForwardButton("-webkit-media-controls-seek-forward-button");
static AtomicString mediaControlsFullscreenButton("-webkit-media-controls-fullscreen-button");
static AtomicString notStr("not(");
static AtomicString onlyChild("only-child");
static AtomicString onlyOfType("only-of-type");
static AtomicString resizer("-webkit-resizer");
static AtomicString root("root");
static AtomicString scrollbar("-webkit-scrollbar");
static AtomicString scrollbarButton("-webkit-scrollbar-button");
static AtomicString scrollbarCorner("-webkit-scrollbar-corner");
static AtomicString scrollbarThumb("-webkit-scrollbar-thumb");
static AtomicString scrollbarTrack("-webkit-scrollbar-track");
static AtomicString scrollbarTrackPiece("-webkit-scrollbar-track-piece");
static AtomicString searchCancelButton("-webkit-search-cancel-button");
static AtomicString searchDecoration("-webkit-search-decoration");
static AtomicString searchResultsDecoration("-webkit-search-results-decoration");
static AtomicString searchResultsButton("-webkit-search-results-button");
static AtomicString selection("selection");
static AtomicString sliderThumb("-webkit-slider-thumb");
static AtomicString target("target");
static AtomicString visited("visited");
static AtomicString windowInactive("window-inactive");
static AtomicString decrement("decrement");
static AtomicString increment("increment");
static AtomicString start("start");
static AtomicString end("end");
static AtomicString horizontal("horizontal");
static AtomicString vertical("vertical");
static AtomicString doubleButton("double-button");
static AtomicString singleButton("single-button");
static AtomicString noButton("no-button");
static AtomicString cornerPresent("corner-present");

bool element = false; // pseudo-element
bool compat = false; // single colon compatbility mode
@@ -372,13 +372,13 @@ static bool elementCanUseSimpleDefaultStyle(Element* e)

static const MediaQueryEvaluator& screenEval()
static const MediaQueryEvaluator& staticScreenEval = *new MediaQueryEvaluator("screen");
static const MediaQueryEvaluator staticScreenEval("screen");
return staticScreenEval;

static const MediaQueryEvaluator& printEval()
static const MediaQueryEvaluator& staticPrintEval = *new MediaQueryEvaluator("print");
static const MediaQueryEvaluator staticPrintEval("print");
return staticPrintEval;

@@ -64,7 +64,7 @@ static void addString(HashSet<String, CaseFoldingHash>& set, const char* string)
static bool isSVG10Feature(const String &feature)
static bool initialized = false;
static HashSet<String, CaseFoldingHash>& svgFeatures = *new HashSet<String, CaseFoldingHash>;
static HashSet<String, CaseFoldingHash> svgFeatures;
if (!initialized) {
addString(svgFeatures, "svg");
@@ -89,7 +89,7 @@ static bool isSVG10Feature(const String &feature)
static bool isSVG11Feature(const String &feature)
static bool initialized = false;
static HashSet<String, CaseFoldingHash>& svgFeatures = *new HashSet<String, CaseFoldingHash>;
static HashSet<String, CaseFoldingHash> svgFeatures;
if (!initialized) {
// Sadly, we cannot claim to implement any of the SVG 1.1 generic feature sets
// lack of Font and Filter support.
@@ -274,7 +274,7 @@ bool DOMImplementation::isXMLMIMEType(const String& mimeType)
if (mimeType == "text/xml" || mimeType == "application/xml" || mimeType == "text/xsl")
return true;
static const char* validChars = "[0-9a-zA-Z_\\-+~!$\\^{}|.%'`#&*]"; // per RFCs: 3023, 2045
static RegularExpression& xmlTypeRegExp = *new RegularExpression(String("^") + validChars + "+/" + validChars + "+\\+xml$");
static RegularExpression xmlTypeRegExp(String("^") + validChars + "+/" + validChars + "+\\+xml$");
return xmlTypeRegExp.match(mimeType) > -1;

@@ -713,9 +713,9 @@ PassRefPtr<Node> Document::adoptNode(PassRefPtr<Node> source, ExceptionCode& ec)

bool Document::hasPrefixNamespaceMismatch(const QualifiedName& qName)
static const AtomicString& xmlnsNamespaceURI = *new AtomicString("");
static const AtomicString& xmlns = *new AtomicString("xmlns");
static const AtomicString& xml = *new AtomicString("xml");
static const AtomicString xmlnsNamespaceURI("");
static const AtomicString xmlns("xmlns");
static const AtomicString xml("xml");

// These checks are from DOM Core Level 2, createElementNS
@@ -91,7 +91,7 @@ void ScriptElement::handleSourceAttribute(ScriptElementData& data, const String&
// Helper function
static bool isSupportedJavaScriptLanguage(const String& language)
static HashSet<String, CaseFoldingHash>& languages = *new HashSet<String, CaseFoldingHash>;
static HashSet<String, CaseFoldingHash> languages;
if (languages.isEmpty()) {
@@ -216,7 +216,7 @@ bool StyleChange::currentlyHasStyle(const Position &pos, const CSSProperty *prop

static String &styleSpanClassString()
static String& styleSpanClassString = *new String(AppleStyleSpanClass);
static String styleSpanClassString = AppleStyleSpanClass;
return styleSpanClassString;

@@ -36,7 +36,7 @@ namespace {

String convertedSpaceString()
static String& convertedSpaceString = *new String;
static String convertedSpaceString;
if (convertedSpaceString.isNull()) {
convertedSpaceString = "<span class=\"";
convertedSpaceString += AppleConvertedSpace;
@@ -43,7 +43,7 @@ using namespace HTMLNames;

static String indentBlockquoteString()
static String& string = *new String("webkit-indent-blockquote");
static String string = "webkit-indent-blockquote";
return string;

@@ -89,14 +89,14 @@ class ReplacementFragment : Noncopyable {

static bool isInterchangeNewlineNode(const Node *node)
static String& interchangeNewlineClassString = *new String(AppleInterchangeNewline);
static String interchangeNewlineClassString(AppleInterchangeNewline);
return node && node->hasTagName(brTag) &&
static_cast<const Element *>(node)->getAttribute(classAttr) == interchangeNewlineClassString;

static bool isInterchangeConvertedSpaceSpan(const Node *node)
static String& convertedSpaceSpanClassString = *new String(AppleConvertedSpace);
static String convertedSpaceSpanClassString(AppleConvertedSpace);
return node->isHTMLElement() &&
static_cast<const HTMLElement *>(node)->getAttribute(classAttr) == convertedSpaceSpanClassString;
@@ -364,9 +364,9 @@ int maxDeepOffset(const Node *node)

String stringWithRebalancedWhitespace(const String& string, bool startIsStartOfParagraph, bool endIsEndOfParagraph)
static String& twoSpaces = *new String(" ");
static String& nbsp = *new String("\xa0");
static String& pattern = *new String(" \xa0");
static String twoSpaces(" ");
static String nbsp("\xa0");
static String pattern(" \xa0");

String rebalancedString = string;

@@ -393,7 +393,7 @@ bool isTableStructureNode(const Node *node)

const String& nonBreakingSpaceString()
static String& nonBreakingSpaceString = *new String(&noBreakSpace, 1);
static String nonBreakingSpaceString = String(&noBreakSpace, 1);
return nonBreakingSpaceString;

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