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476d33b @torarnv Teach resolve-ChangeLogs to act as a merge-driver for Git
torarnv authored
1 # To enable automatic merging of ChangeLog files, use the following command:
2 # git config merge.changelog.driver "resolve-ChangeLogs --merge-driver %O %A %B"
3 ChangeLog* merge=changelog
dfe1378 @aroben Teach git about ObjC files
aroben authored
5 # To enable smart diffing of ObjC[++] files, run the following commands:
6 # git config diff.objcpp.xfuncname "^[-+@a-zA-Z_].*$"
7 # git config diff.objcppheader.xfuncname "^[@a-zA-Z_].*$"
8 *.m diff=objc
9 *.mm diff=objcpp
10 mac/*.h diff=objcppheader
11 */mac/*.h diff=objcppheader
12 */*/mac/*.h diff=objcppheader
13 objc/*.h diff=objcppheader
14 */objc/*.h diff=objcppheader
15 */*/objc/*.h diff=objcppheader
49dd101 @ddkilzer Teach git about localizable *.strings files
ddkilzer authored
17 # To enable smart diffing of *.strings files, run the following command:
18 # git config diff.localizablestrings.textconv "iconv -f utf-16 -t utf-8"
19 *.strings diff=localizablestrings
2024c55 .: vcproj changes can't be applied cleanly by the Windows EWS bot
Steve Falkenburg authored
21 *.vcproj eol=crlf
22 *.vsprops eol=crlf
23 *.sln eol=crlf
89bffcd Split up top-level .gitignore and .gitattributes
commit-queue authored
25 # For best performance, place rules for deep paths in the parent directory.
26 # For example: instead of "Source/WebCore/inspector/Inspector.json -crlf" here,
27 # place "Inspector.json -crlf" in Source/WebCore/inspector/.gitattributes
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