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function clearWithReset()
function clearBySettingValue()
document.getElementById("file").value = "";
function clearBySettingValueToNull()
document.getElementById("file").value = null;
function clearBySettingValueToX()
document.getElementById("file").value = "x";
<p>Use this to test the various ways you can clear an input type=file element.</p>
<form id="form">
<p>Choose a file here: <input type="file" id="file"></input></p>
<p>Then press one of these buttons, that should clear the file:
<input type="button" value="clear with reset()" onclick="clearWithReset()">
<input type="button" value="clear by setting value to ''" onclick="clearBySettingValue()"></p>
<p>Or press this button that should clear the file, but won't, due to <a href="">bug 13448</a>: <input type="button" value="clear by setting value to null" onclick="clearBySettingValueToNull()"></p>
<p>Or press this button to verify we can't set to a non-empty value: <input type="button" value="clear by setting value to 'x'" onclick="clearBySettingValueToX()"></p>
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