Rebooting the Web of Trust III (Fall 2016) Final Papers

DID (Decentralized Identifier) Data Model and Generic Syntax 1.0 Implementer’s Draft 01

by Drummond Reed, Les Chasen, Christopher Allen, and Ryan Grant

The complete draft of the Decentralized IDentifier (DID) model and syntac, a project that has run through the RWOT workshops to date.

Digital Verification Advancements at RWoT III

by Manu Sporny with Christopher Allen, Harlan Wood, and Jason Law

A short overview of enhancements to Digital Verification that came out of RWOT III.

Embedding Human Wisdom in Our Digital Tomorrow

by Daniel Hardman, Kaliya “Identity Woman” Young, and Matthew Schutte

A discussion of the dangers of transferring wisdom into the digital world, seen through the lenses of vulnerability, shadows, healing, tensions, complexity and gestalt, and organizational choices.


by Daniel Buchner, Wayne Vaughan, and Ryan Shea

An overview of the hubs datastore system.

Joram 1.0.0

by Joe Andrieu and Bob Clint

An Information Lifecycle Engagement Model that offers a use case for a Syrian refugee.

Portable Reputation Toolkit Use Cases

by Christopher Allen, Tim Daubenschütz, Manu Sporny, Noah Thorp, Harlan Wood, Glenn Willen, and Alessandro Voto

A model and proof-of-concept implementation for decentralized verification.

Smart Consent Protocol

by Dr. Shaun Conway, Lohan Spies, Jonathan Endersby, and Tim Daubenschütz

Bringing together COALA IP and Consent to deal with digital intellectual property.