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Identities for Moving Things


The Internet of Moving Things (IoMT) is a much more interesting area of research than The Internet of Things (IoT). Moving things dynamically change context, and when they do, there is the opportunity, or requirement, to perform a transaction. These transactions will become increasingly automated and will dramatically affect areas such as Trade Finance.

Combining Physical Automation (IoT/IoMT) with Financial and Transactional Automation (Cryptocurrencies and Blockchains) will result in Economic Automation. For instance, autonomous shipping containers will negotiate their own transit, dynamically adjust their insurance, validate their modes of transportation (Is this the right ship?), and perform other operations without the need to involve humans in-the-loop.

A key enabler to create this Economically Automated world will be the ability for all of the parties involved, who are not going to be humans, to be able to obtain and trust their respective identities.


What does it mean to identify a thing?

Would there be different levels of identity for things?

Would identity expire?

How would identity be presented and verified?

Is there a physical manifestation of identity akin to biometrics?

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