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Rebooting the Web of Trust IV: Paris (April 2017)

This repository contains documents related to RWOT4, the fourth Rebooting the Web of Trust design workshop, which ran in Paris, France, on April 19th-21st, 2017. The goal of the workshop was to generate five technical white papers and/or proposals on topics decided by the group that would have the greatest impact on the future.

Please see the Web of Trust Info website for more information about our community, including upcoming events.

Topics & Advance Readings

In advance of the design workshop, all participants produced a one-or-two page topic paper to be shared with the other attendees on either:

  • A specific problem that they wanted to solve with a web-of-trust solution, and why current solutions (PGP or CA-based PKI) can't address the problem?
  • A specific solution related to the web-of-trust that you'd like others to use or contribute to?

Please see the Advance Readings README for a listing of all of the papers.

Completed Papers

The design workshop met its goal of three to five white papers with three total.

Design Considerations for Decentralized Reputation Systems

by Angus Champion de Crespigny, Dmitry Khovratovich, Florent Blondeau, Klara Sok, Philippe Honigman, Nikolaos Alexopoulos, Fabien Petitcolas, and Shaun Conway

Ten design considerations for the creation of decentralized reputation systems.

LD Signature Format Alignment

by Kim Hamilton Duffy, Rodolphe Marques, Markus Sabadello, and Manu Sporny

Bringing JSON-LD signatures into alignment with JOSE JSON Web Signature (JWS) standards.

Re-Imagining What Users Really Want

by Joe Andrieu, Frederic Engel, Adam Lake, Moses Ma, Olivier Maas, and Mark van der Waal

Five people, five opportunities for self-sovereign identity.

Complete Rebooting the Web of Trust Listing

A different repository is available for each of the Rebooting the Web of Trust design workshops:


All of the contents of this directory are licensed Creative Commons CC-BY their contributors.


RWOT4 in Paris, France (April 2017)






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