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Decentralized Identifiers v1.0

The Decentralized Identifiers specification editors and implementers spent some time at Rebooting the Web of Trust 6 processing the remaining issues in the issue tracker.

This document summarizes the proposed resolutions that the group has put forward to resolve all of the DID specification issues that were submitted before 2018-03-05.

DID Specification RWoT6 Resolutions

Next Steps

The group expects that work will continue during the W3C Credentials Community Group meetings over the next several months, with a plan to take the specification on the W3C Standards track by Q4 2018. The following work items will be needed to progress onto the W3C Standards track:

  • DID Primer for W3C Members
  • W3C DID Working Group Charter Proposal
  • DID Use Cases (focus on 3-5 use cases)
  • DID Specification
  • Test Suite for DID Specification
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