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If you will be attending Rebooting the Web of Trust Spring 2018 in Santa Barbara, California, please upload your topic papers and advanced readings to this directory with a pull request (or, if you don't know how, post an issue).

Please see the Web of Trust Info website for more information about our community. Go to Eventbrite to register for this event.

Topics & Advance Readings

In advance of the design workshop, all participants produced a one-or-two page topic paper to be shared with the other attendees on either:

  • A specific problem that they wanted to solve with a web-of-trust solution, and why current solutions (PGP or CA-based PKI) can't address the problem?
  • A specific solution related to the web-of-trust that you'd like others to use or contribute to?

Here are the advanced readings to date:


These primers overview major topics which are likely to be discussed at the design workshop. If you read nothing else, read these. (But really, read as much as you can!)