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A Concept Diagram For RWOT Identity Terms

By: Andrew Hughes


Several community members have reported that the term 'Self-sovereign Identity' causes consternation in other groups. In particular, the term is disliked by governments.

I propose to develop a concept map during the RWOT sessions that attempts to describe the relationships between several terms that might be used to describe aspects of 'Self-sovereign Identity'. If successful, the concept map will help this community discuss the work in any other setting. The concept map will designed to be extended in order to capture terminology used in newly-engaged communities.

Starting concepts:

  • self-sovereign
  • self-sovereign identity
  • decentralized identifiers
  • centralized identifiers
  • verifiable credentials
  • unverifiable credentials
  • verifiable claims
  • unverifiable claims
  • assertion
  • identity owner
  • identity controller
  • identity subject
  • person
  • entity
  • private key
  • public key
  • identity record
  • identity attribute
  • pet name
  • nickname

This list will grow as I listen to the conversations develop.

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