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A Markdown-based JavaScript Sandbox

Joe Andrieu

Eric Welton

Will Abramson

Ganesh Annan


  • File format is markdown
  • In the app, the markdown is unmodifiable, but rendered
  • If viewed outside the app, files will be sensibly renderable (it is compatible markdown)
  • Custom code section(s) render as an “interactive” editor
  • Code in editor sections is executable, with console output
  • Focus on teaching/testing node.js modules
  • JavaScript execution context
  • Standalone executable app
  • Vanilla JavaScript
  • Creators and users may install additional node modules which will be installed in the file’s directory, under node_modules (as typical with node.js apps). Installation is outside the app, however, such modules may be require()'d within a file. Node modules that conflict with modules already in use by Satyrn, must be avoided.

Nice to have features

  • Teacher mode
  • REPL
  • Module info to help users avoid conflicts

Out of scope

  • Browser libraries (Vue, React, Angular, etc.)
  • Native bindings
  • Non-javascript languages
  • External editor
  • Minimal external dependencies

Electron Resources


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