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RDK Manifests for Thunder based builds
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RDK Manifests

This is a repository of manifests created to overlay Thunder / WPE related layers on top of the RDK-V existing manifests. Maybe this will merge to RDK-V in the future, or not, who knows. For now read this to get started.


You need to understand what Yocto / OpenEmbedded is, if you don't know what either Yocto or OpenEmbedded means, please google first. Build an RPI image before coming back here.

Make sure you have repo, git and build essentials installed.

You need to have an account on RDK Central, please visit rdkcentral to register and make sure your PC is setup to authenticate with through netrc.

Getting started

  1. repo init -u -b 19.1 --submodules
  2. repo sync
  3. Init the target build (see below)

Target initalisation

Typically a target comes with a BSP layer and you'll need to run setup-environment from the BSP layer to init the build system. For the sake of this tutorial we'll be initialising a Broadcom reference build, however you'd likely want to do . meta-rdk-{OEM}/setup-environment for the device you have.

  1. . meta-rdk-broadcom-generic-rdk/setup-environment-refboard-rdkv and follow the instructions
  2. Select Yocto 2.2, this relies on the morty branch of OE and WPE layers
  3. Select the device you'd like to make a build for, e.g. the BCM7271.
  4. bitbake-layers add-layers ../meta-wpe
  5. bitbake-layers add-layer ../meta-rdk-wpe

Build it

To start the build, use bitbake:

  1. bitbake rdk-thunder-wpe

Note: The meta-rdk-wpe layer adds a custom image names rdk-thunder-wpe. This builds a pure vanilla Thunder build without any other components. For RDK-V LLC builds that include 3.0/4.0 components please visit their wiki (e.g. rdk-generic-hybrid-wpeframework-image).


The meta-wpe and meta-rdk-wpe come with a few important switches that are controlled through Distro Features, here's a quick overview:

  • Compositor, enables Thunder compositor plugin for initialisation of the compositing layer
  • Thunder, enables quick start of Thunder by taking over networking components from the init system
  • OpenCDM, enables the opencdm server
  • PlayReady (restricted), enables PlayReady DRM
  • Widevine (restriteced), enables Widevine DRM

The above features can be enabled/disabled through DISTRO_FEATURES append/remove respectively. For more information please see the meta-wpe readme.

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