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@@ -267,9 +267,9 @@ var translation = {
'<em>The Web SQL Database specification is no longer being updated and has been replaced by IndexedDB. Because at least 3 vendors have shipped implementations of this specification we still include it in this test.</em>': '<em>Web SQL Database规范已经被IndexedDB规范取代并且不再更新,但是我们仍然在本测试中包括了这一项,这是因为有至少3位供应商已经推出实施了这项规范。</em>',
'Web SQL Database': 'Web SQL Database',
- 'Workers': '工作人员',
- 'Web Workers': '网络工作人员',
- 'Shared Workers': '共享工作人员',
+ 'Workers': 'Workers',
+ 'Web Workers': 'Web Workers',
+ 'Shared Workers': 'Shared Workers',
'Local multimedia': '本地多媒体',
'Access the webcam': '接入网络摄像头',

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